Michael Ondaatje, photograph copyright Ulla Montan

At the Booksellers' Association Conference earlier in the week, I picked up a couple of finished copies of Michael Ondaatje's forthcoming novel, Divisadero (published by Bloomsbury and not due out until September). So, who would like my spare copy? Email me, and I'll pop it in the post to you (previous freebie winners are excluded from this "offer"!) Oh, once you've read it, if you could write me a little review, that would be nice.

Readers Comments

  1. Yes please. And I'll see if I can write something. Best wishes, p

  2. Hi Paul,

    It's yours. Enjoy!


  3. I was devastated by the change of stories about threequarters of the way through this book. I kept waiting for the characters to meet either in reality or theme or emotion, but did not feel that I had been given chance to say goodbye to the first lot before launching into the next. If I had known in advance I might not have been left with this feeling. I did not think that the second story was as coherent as usual. Iwaited for a character to emerge and a feeling of time and place, but their stories never seemed to come out. The only theme I can think of offhand (I only finished it this morning) was of chances taken or not taken, but perhaps if I discuss it with someone else I might feel more forgiving. When I first saw the Almadobar film All About My Mother I spent the whole film trying to recover from the death of the son and so missed a lot of what followed. I had the same feeling with this book so perhaps I would enjoy it more on second reading, but I don't think i'm likely to give it the chance.

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