I have a small blog/article going up on's blog next week sometime (about Oliver Sacks and the importance of narrative to our self-perception). But I can't access the site (and this has long been the case).

The rest of my web connections all seem fine, but (and parent company Pan Macmillan's site) just ain't 'appening! Picador reckons the site is live their end, so is this just me?

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  1. Charles Lambert Friday 11 April 2008

    I checked to see if I had any problems connecting. I don't, but I've just spent almost an hour reading posts, and links to posts, and links to links - I've discovered a man in Edinburgh who plans to write a million words in a year, I've been newly irritated by Patrick French - basically I've done anything and everything but the work I should be doing.

    Good luck!

  2. Both sites are definitely working for me - and in fact just read Patrick French's snitty post about blogs. Made worthwhile because of the very funny comments! Shall keep an eye out for your post.

  3. I'd like to read French's nonsense ... but I still can't get on! I wonder if this is an issue with my ISP?

  4. Works fine for me, but you're not missing much...

  5. forwards to the following address:

    Perhaps there is problem forward addressing on your end. Have you tried the direct link above?

  6. Thanks EG -- but, as I said, Pan Macmillan is blocked/dead to me too! The folks at Picador are looking into this their end: very peculiar!

  7. Pan Macmillan is dead me to! That's harsh. That's a good rejection - you are dead to me. Anyway, have you tried surfing the web through a proxy. This will get around any site blocking.

    Here is an article. You can search for yourself. There are several free options.

  8. It's live at my end of cyberspace! And a very good blog it is too.

    I loved Sacks' autobiography, Uncle Tungsten. I was just reading an interview with him in 'Mind, Life & Universe' (ed Margulis) - apparently he's an obsessive writer and has 650 volumes of his diary... Does he have a blog though?

  9. Sacks delivered the commencement address this past weekend at CSHL:

    What's he currently reading? Philip Roth's _Indignation_.

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