So, like an excited young puppy, yesterday I woke early and ran to the local shops to buy a copy of the Sunday Times. My first ever review for that prestigious organ was due to appear and I was beside myself with glee and anticipation.

I grabbed the paper, flung the correct change at the newsagent, and opened the paper. There it was. My review. In glorious black and white type. And -- wait a minute! what's this? -- credited to the poet Anthony Thwaite. I was gutted! Floored! And me poor mother ... well, I doubt she'll ever recover.

Happily, the review is now attributed correctly online. So if you want to see my take on The Dying Game: A Curious History of Death by Melanie King pop over to the TimesOnline.

Readers Comments

  1. You mean I missed out on a free Genesis CD (with The Mail on Sunday) because of a mis-credit typo?! Unbelievable! ;-)

  2. now's your chance to write that essay against sainte-beuve!
    oh wait...

  3. Congrats on hitting the big time - it'll be the TLS next. What a disappointment to find it attributed to someone else. Its a good review - short, sharp and to the point.


  4. Hehehe -- thanks guys!

    Actually, Tom, I've written for the TLS a few times. I think the next time I'm due in is something about Berger in September. But there might be something before then too. And the next thing in another newspaper is a review of Andrew Sean Greer's The Story of a Marriage for the Independent ...

  5. Hi Mark Anthony (he was famous too, right?)
    I did see this in The Times and thought "what a weird, quirky, funny thing." I should have known it was you! Well done.

  6. Well done.

    I know how good it feels.

    I once wrote a feature for the faith pages of The Times about the Rastafari religion. They 'sat on it' for almost a year. Then, one Saturday, while chilling at my new girlfriend's house, I was reading The Times and there was my article.

    The girl was very impressed. She became my wife.

    On that theme, there's an interview about the book live on Meet the Author.

    I am still writing my Top Ten books for you - the reason it has taken me nearly a couple of months is because, as I say in the film, I'm naturally lazy, sorry...

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